need quick help .... lobo super traq or whites gmz?


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Sep 6, 2012
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hay guys i need some more help i have never been metal detecting before but i have read alot of info on nugget shooting i have a question....

i have a chance to buy either a lobo super traq or a whites gmz for 400 each i really like the stories and reviews of the goldmasters in fact i plan on saving and getting a GMT one day but i can get one of the others right now im only planing on gold prospecting with them from what i have read they are pretty close to being the same but the lobo is better all around but like i said im looking for gold only.

thanks guys i plan on getting one tomorrow...:BangHead:

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I am somewhat in the same boat. Those are the 2 I have looked at and I'm going to get one tomorrow as well. But not for that great price!

After looking and researching for a couple months and saving up I think I'm going to pick the whites gmt myself and get a Goldmaster Shooter DD coil 4x6 and a Goldmax DD 8x14. The Goldmaster seems like the right fit for me. And you will have others say minelab, fisher, tesoro, seems to be all a matter of preference and what features someone likes or dislikes.

ya i have seen all those brands and models im set on getting a gmt later but to get me started im going to get one of these units they are used but in like new shape the only problem is i have to pick one tomorrow i was leaning to the gmz but after thinking about it i might get the super traq just in case i decied to go coin and relic hunting later then i would have two great units i know terry has a soft spot for the lobo and i take advice and comments well im just waiting for all the heavy hitter's to chime in to confirm or set me staight

thanks guys

the lobo will smoke the GMZ get it.

sweet thanks pvillhunter

the only thing i was worried about with the gmz is the quite mode im thinking it might miss those tiny targets the other goldmasters will find. and it seams from what i hear the lobo will find almost as good targets as the gmt will pluse can be used for relics and coins all though i dont plan on hunting those you never know i might get into it and need both a good coin and gold detector. or a really good back up.

lol ya in my opinion the gmt will smoke the lobo in gold but im not so sure about the gmz .and that would be awsome if i could get the gmt for 400.

lol ya in my opinion the gmt will smoke the lobo in gold but im not so sure about the gmz .and that would be awsome if i could get the gmt for 400.

The GMT and the Lobo Super Traq have the EXACT SAME CAPABILITIES when finding sub-gram gold. The difference is the Lobo ST has auto ground balance AND tracking, it has the ability to discriminate, and is built tougher. The two machines were designed by the same genius, Dave Johnson Best of luck!

"The GMT and the Lobo Super Traq have the EXACT SAME CAPABILITIES when finding sub-gram gold".

i disagree. The GMT will easily hit harder on smaller gold than a Lobo. The GMT not only runs at a higher frequency but can be manually ground balanced in all metal mode, while the Lobo is locked in all metal ground track mode.

Maybe you meant GMZ Terry. Different beast. I would get a Lobo instead if a GMZ at the same price for sure.

Steve Herschbach

thanks guys

i knew there would be some good info on here steve and terry most of the info and videos i was checking into was from you two lol im glad you guys confirmed what i thought you would say thank you very much guys i will get the lobo super traq.:occasion14:

he was deciding between lobo super and GMZ....if it was lobo vs GMT i would also go gmt......if your nugget hunting your also relic hunting as you are gonna have to dig a lot of targets just the nature of the type of hunting....its a cool side effect as far as im concerned..

They're both excellent. The Lobo has auto ground balance,but I found that it would also " balance out " real faint targets when pinpointing.

well guys the search continues the lobo i held out for was super old and beat up and while i held out for the lobo the gmz sold. dang i hate it when things work out like this, but it opened another door i have gift cards for bass pro shop along with my cash i could order one. now the question is i like the price of the gold bug pro but is it really good or should i just pony up the cash to get the gold bug 2 combo with two coils.

I've never used the GMZ but it is not the same machine as the GMT. I own a GMT and together we find gold and that is what it is supposed to do. The GMT is very easy to set up in a variety of ways, it's the best of two worlds twist and tweak analog as well as the new electronic age all in one.

Terry Soloman knows the Lobo very well and uses them professionally and Steve Herschbach has also used a lot of machines/brands as well and both feel the GMZ is not the way to go, less money but less features than the Lobo or GMT.

Good luck with your search..........63bkpkr

hay 63bkpkr

thanks for the replie ya i really want a gmt but i dont have the money to get one yet im thinking of just saving i just sold some more stuff soo i have 500 cash and 425 for bass pro shops im thinking of getting the gold bug 2 they have it in a combo both small coil and 10''. im just one of those guys that gets my mind on somthing and cant stop tell i get it and right now im set on a good metal detctor for gold.

That is a sweet deal on a Goldbug! I would jump on it.

thanks terry

i know the gold bug will have a learning curve but that sounds like fun to me i cant wait to get one.:icon_thumright:

GOLD BUG PRO MUCH BETTER THAN THE GB2. I have both GB2 and TLST and much prefer the TLST and have used the gold bug pro in the field for a few hours now and decent but spoiled by TLST -remember TESORO products guaranteed for life is a massive +++++-John--PS retired from sales so not trying to pick your pocket,ifn' ya was close I'd take ya out FOR FREE and let ya play. ALWAYS use any unit your thinkn' of buying NEVER just buy as one mans pleasure is yet anothers horrendous nightmare,like a few a my x wives hahaha-John

Since this is your only metal detector you might want to use it for something other that nugget hunting. So it you got the GB II you would be limiting yourself since it doesn't have a discriminator, so between the GB Pro and the GBII the Pro is the better choice in that regard. Also, people are saying that the software based GB Pro is better than the GB II. The Pro will find tiny gold, but I don't think it's better than the Lobo Super Traq for several reasons. First, the LST will find tiny gold also, second, you have nine coils to choose from(and they work on four different detectors). And like John said lifetime Tesoro warranty.

Went to my 'local' dealer who sells, White, Tesoro, Garrett, and several other brands- oh, and Mine Lab too. Asked him which one he prefers- he said "Mine Lab, hands down" and then proceeded to show me all the fine nuggets and smaller gold he had found with the Mine Lab detectors. He nugget hunts from Alaska down to Arizona, and has the gold to show for it, plus the many years of experience. On his advice I went for the Mine Lab X-Terra 705 since it has two distinct circuits, one for relics and non-gold, and one for gold so I can have options if I get tired of looking for gold and want to do relic or cache hunting.
He would have sold me any detector I wanted, but I wanted the best for my bucks. For what it's worth . . . . .

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