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Aug 31, 2022
I have a ring I bought a year or 2 ago. I paid about $800 for it and it’s real. Gold with diamonds. (See pictures)
Here’s the problem, the inside of the ring says 4k… Not 14k, 4K! I can’t seem to find out what the heck the deal is because from what I have read they don’t normally mark jewelry below 8-9k I think it said… So what the heck do I have on my finger?
It has tiny markings that are what I’m assuming is the mint/makers mark, and then the 4k mark… so what is this?
Please let me know what y’all think! Please!


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Dec 23, 2019
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I've seen quite a number of rings marked '4K', but there is no country that I'm aware of which recognises 4K as a standard that entitles such rings to be sold as 'gold'. There's nothing to stop a ring being marked as 4K though in most countries (including America) as long as it isn't marketed as gold.

In most cases, close examination of the mark shows signs of one of the following:

- The mark was weakly struck and the '1' of '14K' has been erased by wear or polishing (doesn't seem to be the case for yours).
- The punch was struck at an angle, such that the mark is deeper on one side than the other and the '1' has not registered (can't tell if that was the case from your picture).
- The ring has been re-sized and the '1' has been cut though, erasing it (but re-sizing is usually done on the narrowest area of the band).
- The punch used was damaged and it was not noticed that the '1' had broken off (this may not be apparent from examining the mark).

The other mark is out of focus in your picture so I can't read it, but it may or may not tell us who made the ring.

Very nice, nevertheless.

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Nov 3, 2012
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4K isn't the suggested price and is a long way from $800 so it has nothing to do with price. ???


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It may be a 1/4 gold shell, meaning it's heavily plated but not all gold. Try taking it to a trusted jeweler/gemologist, maybe they have an XRF (x-ray fluorescence) machine to analyze the composition. Can you provide sharper pics of the other symbol ? Put ring onto a piece of black felt.
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