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Mar 18, 2023
Nazareth, PA
Detector(s) used
Dr. Otek MT-XR, Ace Apex, Xterra Pro, Nokta Legend, Nokta Makro Impact, Manticore, XP ORX, XP Deus 2 WS6 Master
Primary Interest:
Metal Detecting
Hi, new to the forums and metal detecting. Back in January I bought a Dr. Otek MT-XR to see if I would be into detecting. I found about two dollars in modern coins with it and a bunch of other trash. I thought it worked pretty well for a $100 machine. That is until today.

Last night I bought an Ace Apex at Cabela's. Today, I went over an area that produced many of the coins I found with the MT-XR. I used the multi-frequency setting and set the mode for US Coins. I was amazed in the first hour how many more coins the Apex found where the MT-XR showed nothing but iron. Today's haul:


I'm really happy with my decision to buy the Apex. I love the iron tone volume adjustment. I set it to 2 and heard all the iron while hearing the coin tones at a normal level. Went back and dug a few of the iron tones too. Can't wait to spend more time learning the Apex.

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