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Aug 16, 2007
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Minelab Excalibur 1000
We just arrived at my wife's daughter's house in southern New Hampshire and I took the Excallibur out for a test. She has a few acres in an old farm area. The area was pretty clean. No hits at all. I went down an overgrown trail through the woods and found an old cartridge about 6 inches down. As an avid shooter, I had never heard of this calibur. It was a Western 38-55. Found that it was the predecessor of the 30-30. Probably over 100 years old based on the occupancy of the area. I also located some square nails and some cut nails. Tried a small family plot on the property and nothing near the surface. Do not dispair, I didn't go in there with the idea of digging up gravesites! It was their understanding that most of the gravesites were removed at some point in the past and relocated to proper cemetaries. I will continue searching the area for other artifacts. The area was developed in the mid 1700's.

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Aug 2, 2007
Upstate NY
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Whites DFX (with 4x6 shooter DD coil and 12" spider coil), Minelab Rocco 2700. (E-Trac)
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All Treasure Hunting
Sounds like the area has some good history. Keep hitting it. Sometimes the hotspots in an area like that are small. They can also be few and far between on the property, but if you hit one, you could find some great things. Best of luck.

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