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Captain Kirk

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Dec 27, 2014
Western Minnesota
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Garrett AT Pro
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All Treasure Hunting
Moved to Denver back in January, just got my detector unpacked and looking for a new detecting buddy. Had some good times with my buddy up in Minnesota and hoping to find someone here as well. Don't know much about the area, but I am outgoing and willing to do the leg work to get some good permissions. Have tons of free time as my job is not very demanding and my family hasn't made the move yet so hit me up.

Also interested in getting into gold prospecting if there is someone willing to guide me a bit. My grandfather owned a gold mine out in Oregon and I have done a little panning, but it's been decades. Based in the Denver area, but not afraid to travel a bit to do some detecting/prospecting.

Thanks for looking and happy hunting!


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Jan 9, 2012
Summit County, Colorado
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Grizzly Goldtrap Explorer & Motherlode, Gold Cube with trommel or Banker on top, Angus Mackirk Expedition, Gold-n-Sand Xtream Hand pump
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Lots of gold right in Denver cap'n. For info:
1. Post on the prospecting forum since the CO forum is pretty much all detectorists
2. Go see my website for info on open places to dig. Many in metro Denver.
3. Join our 'Finding Gold in Colorado" Facebook group to meet lots of active prospectors

...oh, and, welcome to Colorado!!


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Oct 3, 2014
Colorado (Formerly MN)
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Garrett AT Pro &
Garrett Pro-Pointer
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Welcome to CO Captain Kirk! I am also from MN and have been exploring/hiking a lot in the mountains but not done any detecting yet, still feel a little akward about getting in trouble or something. Back home I knew exactly where to go and where not to but I've been researching a lot so hopefully later this year I can use the old AT pro.

Primus Palus

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Apr 3, 2017
Denver, CO
Detector(s) used
Garrett AT Pro
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Metal Detecting
Hey Kirk, welcome to Colorado. I'm new to the detecting scene myself... still trying to find some decent places to go and wouldn't mind teaming up with someone. Haven't ever done prospecting or panning. I wouldn't mind trying it out too.

My biggest issue right now is the conflicting information I get about where it's ok to detect and not.

I'm based out of SW Denver. Let me know if you're interested. Shoot me a message.

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