New to the hobby need a buddy


Feb 26, 2011
Hey everyone I live in the south Denver area and I have been hunting on and off for about 3 months , I have a Bounty Hunter Quick Draw 2 , I know it's not a big boy machine but I still find things with it .

Anyone want to go hunt some parks ? Or mountains , I hope someone else knows where the good finds are , the oldest thing I have found is a 1925 s Wheatie , I found a junk ring the other day it was my first ring .

If anyone wants to hunt you can Email me directly or just reply to my post .

Take care, see ya'll later !


Apr 24, 2011
Denver, CO area
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Garrett Ace 350

I'm even newer to detecting than you are! I don't have a detector yet... but will be picking one up soon. I live in Castle Rock, so I would guess that we aren't too far apart. If you'd be open, I'd like to come along with you sometime soon and watch/help you on a hunt...

Reply back here or drop me a PM...



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Feb 1, 2011
Jal, New Mexico
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Garrett Ace 350
Xdigger, I'm in the southwest denver area. Looking for places to go and it is always nice to go with someone. You want to hit up a park some Sunday let me know as that is about my only free day.

Nov 29, 2012
I live n the Colorado Springs area. Most times i walk. Dont have a car. Would like it if theirs sum ppl that would have no problems picking me up and taking me home. I know of alot of places to go searching. I have a friend n Denver that likes rockhounding etc. We could pick him up. He knows of great places to go. I have all the time n the world. All free time. Looking for new friends to go with. That r willing to offer transportation. Ill provide gas money ifn possible. Hope to hear from u all. Would love to go at anytime. Let me know, txt me at (719)459-4690. Thx.


Feb 2, 2014
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All Treasure Hunting
Finding places to go is a lot more difficult than finding someone to go with. That said this hobby is also about the people you meet and the friendships you develop. I live in South Colorado Springs and would be happy to meet up with others, and yes I would be willing to pick someone up.

Find a 1925 wheatie is not too bad. It is getting more difficult to find the older coins in most parks. As to the ring that is also a plus as rings can be challenging as a lot of new detectorists tend to turn their discrimination too high. So good going!

I don't get up to Denver too often, usually I head South or West. But if you tempt me with a good location I would be more than willing to drive up there!!! For anyone interested I do have a couple of spare detectors I would be willing to lend to someone wanting to learn but doesn't have a good detector.

golden sluice

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Dec 16, 2013
next to disneyland
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Thanks Kellyco, and Garrett:smile:... I love my AT gold metal detector!
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Welcome aboard! Hope you can find someone local to help git the gold!


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Feb 11, 2014
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All Treasure Hunting
WANT TO HELP OUT FELLOW COLORADO SPRINGS HUNTER..( my detector got stole out of my vehicle last year) .. anyways.. i lost my fav little pocket knife in some leaves and need someone to spot it
so i can get it back... the place where i dropped it is known exactly.. just too much grass and leaves... thanks much !

be glad to buy ya a cup o joe... lol


Aug 2, 2015
Longview, TX
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Garrett ACE 250
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All Treasure Hunting
I live in Lakewood and have been out of detecting for 3 years. I would like to venture back out into detecting. If anyone wants a tag along give me a shout.


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Nov 17, 2010
SouthWestern USA
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Nox 800, Etrac, F75, AT Pro. Last two for sale.
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All Treasure Hunting
Cut my teeth on a Bounty Hunter. You got a buddy, its your detector.


Jan 31, 2016
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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1. Harbor Freight 9 function. 2. Garrett AT Pro.
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Metal Detecting
I'm also new to the hobby. Still researching for my first detector. I'm 56 yrs, live in Falcon, near Peyton, about 10 miles east of Colorado Springs. Interested in coin, relics, and, of course, gold. Thanks, Mark

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