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Mar 22, 2016
Detector(s) used
Whites Beach Hunter 300
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
Hi all, I just moved to lower DE ( by Long Neck) and have always had a fascination with Treasure hunting and metal detecting but have never tried either out. My father has a Whites Beachhunter 300 metal detector he is allowing me to use. I tried it out for the first time today just in a small area of grass outside the house. I found a small lead ball, nails, old crushed can, and some sort of heavy old handle. I plan to take it out tomorrow to a few spots but am still very green. I read the manual that came with it but still have no idea how to really use it, I pretty much dig anytime I get a hit, and don't know how to determine what kind of metal it's hitting or really how to adjust it. I set it exactly how it said to in the manual, and like I said, it did work and I was able to unearth a few items. I guess I just need some time and practice. If anyone has any tips or knows this model and has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.
Anyway, I'm excited to start!! I've been on this site plenty of times before signing up today and hope to be able to learn as much as I can.
Thanks in advance

Welcome Aboard! Take a look at Sub-Forums: Delaware for information (i.e., clubs, etc.) directly related to your state.

Welcome aboaed to TNET MFish - keep at it and you will be on your way & if you need help with your machine you can ask I sure there is someone on the NET that can assist. Very addictive hobby and wish you many great finds while out dirt fishing.

Texas ED
S/E Texas Gulf Coast

Welcome aboard :icon_thumleft:

Welcome to Treasurenet! The Whites Beach Hunter ID 300 is designed for water hunting, but will work on land. I recommend you dig the green (coins/silver) and yellow (gold, aluminum) lights. The red lights indicate iron, so that will be usually nails. Good luck on your searches!


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