🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Newbie looking to learn, meet others, and identifying some things...

Aug 1, 2023
Hello, everyone! I'm new to the hunting/collecting of rocks and crystals/minerals. I am trying to learn things a little each day about the world of rocks and such, and I believe I know what I have here... Please confirm with me on the following pictures.. From the geodes, it looks like I have blue Celestite, correct? And then for the glass one, I believe it's teal slag glass (I am sorry for the poor lighting on the image)... Finally, the crystal I have, I think it's clear quartz. It's a pretty "basic" one considering how beautiful other pictures have shown from all of you here..

Anyway.. I'm glad I found this forum, so we'll see what kind of information I'll learn here! For you more experienced collectors/hunters, what did you use to first crack open stuff? I have a Hammer and a crowbar... I have my dremel drill as well, but I know that I need to up my game on tools if I'm going to want to crack anything open.. Thank you in advance!!!!

One last thing -- I did post a picture of the large boulder a friend of mine had dug up and then I took a closeup on an opening on it. I'm thinking this is a large quartz boulder.. Am I right? Again, I'm sorry for the lighting.. I'll work on getting better lit pictures in the future.


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