1. New to TreasureNet

    Hello, I'm new to TreasureNet. I've been looking for any possible ideas on Google and elsewhere what this could be? My husband found it on his property in the house he grew up in, in Northern Ohio, and my father in law had it made into part of his fireplace. The story goes that when my...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Newbie looking to learn, meet others, and identifying some things...

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to the hunting/collecting of rocks and crystals/minerals. I am trying to learn things a little each day about the world of rocks and such, and I believe I know what I have here... Please confirm with me on the following pictures.. From the geodes, it looks like I have...
  3. Quartz surprised

    Fools me everytime- looks awesome in person, though.
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Do all types of Quartz emit sparks when hit with steel?

    Will all kinds of Quartz emit sparks when they are hit with steel? What about quartz/quartzite that have rounded surfaces all over like the one shown in the picture? I learned that quartz do gives off sparks when hit by steel. But this one shown in picture do not sparks.
  5. Broken Quartz Clovis Maybe?? Opinions appreciated

  6. 16578676196251557435751620739802.jpg


    Missouri not sure maybe agate or quartz
  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Quartz-like rock with embedded mineral?

    Hi Everyone, Found this rock today central NC in a creekbed. I don’t actually think it’s quartz because it looks to be softer and almost iridescent - lots of angular grain - tried to capture in the one photo where I used the flash. The gray lines that are sticking out are very hard/sharp...
  8. Found a Rough Quartz Crystal Today!!!

  9. Rock Collection

    Can anyone help identify these. 3, 4, and 5 are the same.
  10. Not sure what they are exactly but i know its some type of crystal

    I went to an estate sale and found these sitting outside they weren't even being sold I inquired about them and told them that if they wanted to sell the rocks that were outside in the rosebush area I would give them ten bucks for all three of them this is what I got can anyone tell me exactly...
  11. Unidentified pieces of my collection

    Recently I was reorganizing my collection and I found a bunch of unidentified pieces I had forgotten about and just stored away. Iv'e picked out my 4 favorites if anyone could help me figure out what any of them are It'd be greatly appreciated! The largest piece is the one I'm most curious...
  12. ARROWHEAD : Lenni-Lenape? - Yadkin Point? - ARROWHEAD

    Hello everyone and happy Sunday! :hello: I recently discovered something astonishing! In late March, I was measuring trees to identify their age. While I was measuring a 110 year old tulip popular tree, I looked down to see what I originally thought was a broken mason jar cap. I was so wrong! I...
  13. Help identify this duel mineral specimen please!

    I have found this on a beach in the west of England. Seams to be quartz invades in something??
  14. Palladium in Quartzo Feldspathic Gneiss ?

    Hi all, Im a new member here. Recently we purchased a land which had lot of rocks. Got it tested from Geologist and he said its fully of Quartzo Feldspathic Gneiss rock. Also gave samples for XRD testing and the graph peak indicates Palladium Zinc. Does it mean this rock has palladium content...
  15. My rock find

    I believe these are some form if quartz but cannot find anything that is exactly the same to identify.
  16. Identification - quartz and hematite?

    I found this on a beach near Otter Ferry, Scotland. I'm inexperienced at identification so I was hoping someone else knew the answer. To me it looks like quartz with some sort of iron/hematite in the middle, but what do I know? :laughing7: I'm particularly interested in what the brown wavy stuff...
  17. Quartz, iron?

    I spotted this on a beach near Otter Ferry, Scotland. I can only assume it's quartz with hematite or something inside, but I'm new to identifying minerals and such so not really sure how to figure this stuff out.
  18. What do I have here?

    Found this beautiful specimen on the Mattole River (northern CA coast) it has some beautiful colors and shapes to it! Any ideas or info would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Quartz arrowhead?

    I found this today far into the high desert California. Was laying amongst a group of other rocks. I'm assuming...and only assuming...its an arrowhead. I've done some research and some say its quartz? My question is, is it a recent arrowhead or is it years old?
  20. River Rock Finds - Identification Help?

    Found these two rocks today! This first one is just a normale quartz rock but I thought the way to quartz looked was really neat. It reminds me of a black & white tree frond. And on the other side is a swirl pattern. But the coolest find was this one! It looks to have an extremely clear white...