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Jul 26, 2012
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Well... Maybe just an ear to pout a little.

Had my best target yet on Humarock Beach this morning. Went out for a super low tide at sunrise. I had the sensitivity dial maxed LOW and the trash dial maxed HIGH (what I call my "lazy/quality" setting) over a hole I was digging to try to zero in a strong signal I was getting and I must have dug nearly a half hour when the dog (who was helping;) and I just gave out...

The damned thing was STRONG. SOMETHING was under there. I musta gone down 6-8 inches but I just couldn't get any deeper in the wet sand with the water and soft mud continually refilling. The diameter of the hole was about a foot. I KNOW something was down there, dammit!

I'm sure if I had something bigger and badder than a garden trowel I could have dug and dug but... least I got to see a wedding! Some nice older couple was taking their vows at sunrise. It was lovely! And the dog had a blast. Here's pic of the dog since I don't have any treasure to post.


I must have dug the same target as you. At a foot and a half down, I finally found a silver compact looking thing, finally got it open, and inside were a pair of diamond ear rings, total weight, 4.39 carats. Just pulling your leg, you may not have hit the target, but you went to the beach with the treasure. Great looking animal,


Love your dog and your day sounds kinda like mine....strong silver hit in my boyfriend's yard so we dig and dig and dig way over a foot deep tons of soft clay, signal still strong, finally gave up thinking that there must be a pipe down there or something....probably a mason jar full of silver!

To "Bill" (bsloan):

You know, if I wanted that kind of sh*t I'd stay home :tongue3:

That was LOL funny! I had my husband read it, because I told him that that's why I don't let him touch my MD's. He's evil like you!

Thanks for the smile.

Too funny.

I always use a full size long handle shouvle when at the beach and even with that you can looze a target.never was any good at spelling, happy hunting.:icon_thumleft:

Hey Annie!

I dig the river once in a while, and you're right - the hole fills in since the sand fills in the hole as fast as you can dig it out.

There's nothing like a 4 foot shovel for the job. But - if you don't want to carry that, an army shovel works fine and you can carry it on your belt. I like the German army model best.

You can always get a hug here - just PM me.

Bum Luck

If I was you I'd go back with a water scoop and rescue that lonely target. It might be silver or gold... Location. Location. Location.

Good Luck.

Annie I feel your pain! we dug a target for probably 30 min. in hard packed soil. never reached it so I went back after a rain & dug another 30 min. It was a bleepin tin can!! not even filled with diamond earings!

Oh ya, your dog is beautiful! I miss our golden so much.

JanThorCro - Not a day goes by I haven't had the same thought! I made a mental note of where it is - fortunately for me it's directly in front of an easy to remember spot so I will go do it when the tide is very low again. It was a super low tide when I was first digging it and I downloaded a tide app with that specific idea in mind, but between kids and whatnot I haven't been able to get there when the getting's good.

When I do, if I find anything good, I will be sure to share here!

Take a bottle of wine and a beach chair with you next time and let the dog dig. Isn't he supposed to be from a smart breed? Start putting his food a foot or two underground so he has to dig to get at it. That ought to train him pretty fast.

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