1. Best hunt of the year!

    Yesterday I spent 5 hours metal detecting at a beach. I found 13oz of lead, some modern coins, and a coins line of wheat pennies! There are 14 wheat pennies total and one has a mint error!
  2. Two Months, Two Morgans

    At the end of March, I was detecting a beach which had a lot of activity during the late 1800s into the 1940s. Many great coins have been found there by others over the years, but this was my first time swinging there. I was walking around, dealing with highly mineralized sand and a blanket of...
  3. Beach mystery find need help ! Coin , badge? Silver , pewter?

    Found this in the seaweed wash up area of the beach, with historic significance in the northeast. Resembles designs found on reales or other old coins although i am stumped and have no idea what this is. Rings up 54-60 on my AT max and as jewelry/coins on my minelab. There is some coral or sand...
  4. Mystery find please any insight will help

    Found on the beach with historical significance in the sand by the water line where the seaweed washes up. There is some coral or sand build up on it. While using a toothbrush i was able to reveal a silver color on both front and back. The designs here look similiar to what would be found on a...
  5. Blessings and Peace

    Blessings and Peace

    whats in the sand
  6. ✅ SOLVED Beach Find : Looks like some sort of religious charm..?

    Hi, I went out to the beach this morning to test out a new detector( simplex+ ) and found this tiny little charm near the beach volleyball courts in the first few minutes. Can anyone ID it.? It is only about a half inch in diameter and appears to be religious but not sure what religion. I don't...
  7. Went back out to the Treasure Coast and found something...

    I drove back up to the treasure coast on Thursday, stayed the night, and metal detected over 10 miles of beach between the two days. I found most of the same, rusted fragments of metal and random junk like fishing lures and even a portion of a dresser drawer a foot deep in the sand, but I did...
  8. Bell of some sort

    I?m an avid sea glass hunter but today I found this small bell on the beach in New Jersey. Would love to know what type of bell this is. Looks old to me. Metal and rusted. Looks handmade in my opinion. It?s 1 1/8? inch across base and around 1 1/2? height including the portion to hold. It feels...
  9. Found this on uk beach today could someone help me work out what it is please

    Hi found some unusual rocks on the beach today in the rocks on the shallow water. I have brought them home and smashed the smallest ones due to wondering what the inside is like they are some type of metal all the way through
  10. ✅ SOLVED Old Coin or Junk?

    Hello, Newbie here, I was wondering if anyone had any opinions or advice on this object. It was found in the sand by the beach in Sargent, TX. My dad thinks he sees a faint cross on it and thinks it could be an old Spanish coin. I can't really tell. It is very worn and corroded but it does look...
  11. ✅ SOLVED Small skeleton key found on treasure coast beach

    Small skeleton key found on treasure coast beach [SOLVED] Toy key My dad found this on the beach, im not sure what it's made of (cast aluminum, pewter?) But curious how old it might be! especially considering the ship wrecks in the area, though I dont think it's related. I cant really...
  12. 1715 Fleet Detecting Discussion

    Hello, I'm new to the forum but have used it before as a guest. I was supposed to be in Vero Beach earlier this week for some diving and detecting but US-Canada borders have been closed and will likely remain for couple more months. I've been fortunate enough to amass a good sized collection of...
  13. Found while metal detecting one of the Treasure Coast Beaches.

    I am new to the fossil world. I found this yesterday while metal detecting a Florida Treasure Coast beach. I appreciate any knowledge and/or opinions. Thank you
  14. First time beach hunting

    Will be in Corpus Christi for the week. Here’s me. Took this yesterday. It was Very Windy that day. Finds after 3 hours of swingin’ down the beach v x2 clad quarters x2 clad dimes 79 copper cent = 71¢ Solid copper bracelet with painted pattern. x36 Soda can tabs (More than in photo)...
  15. Found while metal detecting one of the Treasure Coaast Beaches.

    Found this on a Florida Beach. I am new to the fossil world. I Found this yesterday while metal detecting a Florida Treasure Coast beach. I think I know the basic answer, but always value more knowledgeable information. Thanks
  16. Wierd rock or fossil

    I Found this on the beach in halfmoon Bay, California and I dont seem to find anything online as to what it is...Any Ideas. ??
  17. Help identify this duel mineral specimen please!

    I have found this on a beach in the west of England. Seams to be quartz invades in something??
  18. New member from to this site and Metal Detecting

    Hello all, I’m new to this world. But have always been interested.. After some research into what equipment beginners, intermediate and advanced users use and recommend. I settled on and purchased the Garrett AT Pro. I didn’t want to get something really cheap and get turned off from the whole...
  19. Suggestions as to beach scoops

    Just getting into detecting in the Gulf and on the beach and I'm looking for suggestions with pros/cons for long handled scoops. I'd prefer one that can be used while standing. Any info would be appreciated.
  20. Trying to find out if this is a clay pipe piece

    I’m trying to find out if this is a clay pipe piece..I found it on the beach in Petersburg, Alaska and I am pretty sure it’s part of a pipe...I just have no clue what it’s made of or how old it might be...any info would be awesome!!