Nickel and Penny roll hunting since February 2013


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Feb 21, 2013
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Nickel and Penny roll hunting finds since February 2013

OK guys here are my finds for nickel and penny coin roll hunting since February 2013. I have only hunted about 15 nickel roll and only got one good one which half of the nickels were bu 1938 and about the rest were from the '40s '50s and '60s which is where most of the old nickel finds are from (A few '40s-'60 5c are from other rolls). I have searched many 10c, 25c ,and 50c rolls but found no silver, the only time I found silver was a 1964 dime that was in my change. Also, Some of my good finds are all ready on this site.

PS. If only was this good at metal detecting, whereas my best coin finds are 2 buffalo nickels and 1 barber dime.

Old 1c

VF 1859 1c
G 1891 1c
VF 1919 1c
F+ 1917D 1c
Multiple low grade '20s 1c
VF 1921 1c
AU 1926 1c
A few low grade '30s 1c
1943 steel 1c
many circulated '40s and '50s 1c
1944 and 1951 1c with luster

Old 5c

BU 1938 5c x18
BU 1938D 5c x1
Multiple worn nickels from 1940
A worn 1941 nickel
Multiple post war worn nickels
Multiple worn '50s 5c
A 1959 BU 5c
About 3 BU 1964 5c
A 1976s (proof) 5c

1c errors

199x greesed die
1995 greesed die
1994d with a minor unplated patch
2011 unplated with full luster (probably science experiment)
1997 MASSIVE cud

5c errors


Good luck,

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Nice finds coinman.

These are great finds! Can you post some pictures of the errors you are unsure about and the 1938 BU nickels? Also, do the 1964 nickels have full steps? I think Bigscores was interested in them some time ago.

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