Nokta FORS Gold finds a very deep bullet! (Also an unboxing video and review)


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Aug 27, 2012
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Eyes - Nokta FORS Gold - Fisher Gold Bug II
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Heya everyone;

This video is to help show the detection depth of the Nokta FORS Gold.
In the video I mention that it was about 7.5" down but I forgot to mention that I had already removed about 1" of soil and the short grass ontop.
I also swing my coil about .5 - 1" off the ground so the total depth was about 8.5" plus .5 - 1" of air.
That's pretty good I think considering my Gold Bug 2 and my Pro wouldn't be able to hit this target with the similarly sized 10" elliptical.

This isn't a simulated maximum depth video where variables like pockets of air can affect the reading, this is a true, in the wild, been in the ground for decades - Dig. :)

If you are in the market for a new VLF detector then I think that you should strongly consider the Nokta FORS Gold, I feel that it is the best Nugget hunting VLF on the market at this moment, as far as relics go, well this was based off of a relic machine and it certainly finds them with great ease. :)

Let me know what you think and since I have not posted in this area yet I will include the unboxing video too so that you can see what comes in the Pro Package.
I also have a video of the Nokta RS Pinpointer that you can check out.

Thanks :)


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KelloCo has recently put them on sale so you are getting an even better deal than before, as you can see the Pro package offers the best savings.

$849.15 (Was $999) for the standard detector and the coil that you see in the first video and $1189.15 (Was $1399) for the Pro package that comes with everything in my unboxing video.
The Pro package is really the best way to go and not much more. :)

Standard Package: Nokta FORS GOLD Standard Package Metal Detectors For Sale - Kellyco

Pro Package: Nokta FORS GOLD Pro Package Metal Detectors For Sale - Kellyco

RS Pinpointer: Nokta RS Pinpointer Metal Detectors For Sale - Kellyco

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