Sep 2, 2013
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I found this old Rim fire Cartridge while metal detecting in my back yard. I noticed it had a "U" emblem on the end and I was looking for what it could be and noticed that it was pretty old. I found some post showing that it could have been made during the 1860's up to 1930's-1940's. I was putting on here to see what some people could tell me about it. Old Cartridge 2.PNGOld Cartridge.PNGOld Cartridge 4.PNG

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Not sure the significance of the "U". Someone else may chime in on that. Rimfires, as you deduced, started in about the 1860s. And continued up to about the turn-of-century. Perhaps the reason you are reading that they were in use up to the 1930s or 40s (even though center-fires had long since come into favor by then), is that even though a newer type bullet (center-fires) were in production, yet people would/could still use older guns. You know, like if you already had a rim-fire gun, you didn't just stop using it. It took years for them to get phased out. Heck, perhaps even today someone (gun buffs with vintage guns) can still go out and fire such guns/ammo :)

Sorry I did not add the size in it measures about 1 1/2 cm long or 15 mm and it looks like a .22.

I understand, thank you.

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The "U" or head stamp on your casing is for the Union Metallic Cartridge company before it merged with Remington Arms. Rimfire .22 cartridges are still made today in several loadings and therefore sizes of the casings. The most common made today are the short, long and long rifle. Yours reminds me of a long rifle. I can not quite tell from the picture of the head but it may not have been fired, if there is no dent around the edge of the head then it was never fired, usually a rectangular dent.

Firearms are like detectors, you don't just put them down because you bought something else.

Good that you found the brass as it and lead can sound very similar to gold. Either metal makes my GMT Sing! Also, welcome to Tnet............................63bkpkr

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