Places to metal detect in St Thomas VI


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Jan 5, 2021
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Bounty Hunter tracker IV
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Metal Detecting
Me and my family are going on a trip to the St Thomas Virgin Island. It sounds like there are a lot of beaches to metal detect on. I am wondering if anyone has metal detected there and if there were any beaches that they’ve done well on.
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Jan 5, 2020
East Tennessee
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Whites, Radio Shack, Metrotec, peach tree fork
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All Treasure Hunting
i think it was called "American Beach". I remember a LOT of parties going on there in the early 60's.
Kinda foggy these days, was fun. W O W!
I believe it was on the backside of the island from where the ship dropped anchor in the harbor.
Seabees were first off and last to board.Told the girls that the guys with the red stripes on their jumpers, were branded "bad", stay away from them. Navy joke (smile)

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