Possible Cannon tool or accessory??

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Jan 20, 2013
Long Island, Bahamas
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Tesoro Sand Shark....Aqua pulse 1B....Equinox ll
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This was seen about 15 yrds from a lone cannon Any ideas??

its 2 feet top to bottom

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Hey stranger!
Picture absence makes guessing a wee bit vague; but carry on.
It certainly could be related.

Wow one has to be on their toes to view anything this am.🤣

Is this from your cannon patch with scattered cannon balls? Remember now how you had found a site with multiple cannons showing.

it's quite straight across the top vs a nice curve each side.
IF metal was flattened and then rolled to for a hollow route each side it could be a linstock.
[In 1745, the British began using gunlocks, which were flintlock mechanisms fitted to cannons. Unlike the linstock, gunlocks allowed for more precise firing without the delay.]

Ships did carry augers for making holes in wood though. A more likely profile from the picture anyways.

Caronade height adjustment tool ?? Do you think it's threaded....could there be threads under the coral ? And was there signs on the cascabel of a hole through it ?

It surely wasn't what I thought it was....I looked and looked !! How are ya Ag

Doing ok Bart....living the dream...one nightmare at a time lol.

Hope things are well for ya!!

BTW... "Shrek"..the musical...opens next week in Wilmington...somehow I must have missed the memo that Kevin was coming to town!!

Great to have you on here again Kevin! :coffee2: Curious if you ever finished exploring that reef or bank, whatever they call it in the Bahamas? Don't remember for sure what was down there, for some reason, keep thinking it had a sunken sub.

Ok, I think that was the story.... drifting/wind current, that could be a real problem. That's right, pirates were over there and would be nice to find a cave they used.

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