Re-ran My Condensed Concentrates (10 Gallons To 26 Ounces)down My 3" VDR Clean-up Sluice Tonite Twice.


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Mar 21, 2005
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Garrett- Master Hunter CX,Infinium, 1350, 2500, ACE 150-water converted 250, GTA 500,1500 Scorpion, AT Pro
Nearly done my cleanups. Re-ran my concentrates down my VDR cleanup sluice twice tonite, and caught even more gold. Managed 0.2 grams. Of course, this happened because I resized my saved concetrates down to -50 mesh. It's no reflection of poor, compromised equipment. When you reduce your tailings a second time, you get another "burst" of new gold concentrates, because the bigger pieces of hematite and magnetite in your black sands will knock out the smaller pies of flour gold. Reclassifying to a smaller sizes changes all the density dynamics. I still have to rerun my tailings from tonite back down some felt material, and I am guessing that I will get a nice batch of gold again.


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