River Rock Finds - Identification Help?


Apr 19, 2019
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Found these two rocks today!

This first one is just a normale quartz rock but I thought the way to quartz looked was really neat. It reminds me of a black & white tree frond. And on the other side is a swirl pattern.
57425249_662893564128859_933945994339418112_n.jpg 57325140_858955257777206_5138095167483412480_n.jpg

But the coolest find was this one! It looks to have an extremely clear white agat or something embedded into it.(First image) With another cracked one near the bottom. (Second photo inside that crevice) All the other spots almost look like petrified wood(?). Whatever it is, its super cool.
57258320_867734510227032_6953539124372439040_n.jpg 57338774_2515456418536453_3726062902998728704_n.jpg 57370584_587268905107960_2912316207002550272_n.jpg 57882247_506036086600022_394568569490243584_n.jpg

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