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Aug 23, 2013
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Hello everyone,

I am new to the site and new to medal detecting. Yesterday I bought a Whites MXT E series. It came with a handheld Whites pinpoint and a set of headphones. I really look forward to reading some of the pro's threads and learning all I can from you. I would like to get some advise before going out later today. I have permission to hunt 12 acres of wooded hilly terrain.There is a house on the property and it was built in 1950. This property is located in Pickens Sc. I dont know any history on the land prior to 1950.
Has anyone had any luck hunting places like this? There is a possibility that nobody stepped on the land prior to 1950 but you never know I guess. Thanks in advance for the tips and if anyone lives in the upstate of SC and would like to get together for a hunt sometime I am definitely interested!!

Since you are just starting out, dig everything above iron. Practice pinpointing and reading the screen and sounds by sprinkling some coins on the surface of your yard.



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Welcome! On a place like that, I think I'd even dig the iron! It's a good way to get used to all sounds and their related targets. Don't get too anxious and start swinging the coil like a machete. Slow and easy with the coil parallel and close to the ground. Dig any repeatable sound. Take note of how it sounds, the I.D. number, depth, and what you end up with after the recovery. Soon you'll be guessing correctly what's in the ground before you dig it up. Check out some of the videos on how to make a clean recovery or you may find that permission will get revoked. Good Luck and let us know what you find!

Welcome from florida.Good luck with your hunting.

Welcome from Louisiana.....

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