SB670 Letter to the Editor

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Mar 22, 2003
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Gold dredging has already been studied to death.

The ink was not even dry on the 1994 environmental impact report before it was being contested. The ink was not even dry on the final report of the 10-year, $50 million studies on the Sacramento River Cantara spill when it was rejected. The biologists in the creeks and rivers ran their tests behind, and adjacent to, our dredges, and their request for the reinstatement of dredging the Sacramento dredges was also rejected.

Why? Easy one, both studies stated specifically that dredging, within the already codified seasons and restrictions, does not damage the environment.

Want more local proof? Think back to a much-ballyhooed rejuvenation of Clear Creek to dredge the creek to loosen impacted gravels. This was done with a dredge with no recovery system as a gold dredge has to remove trash. A dredge box retains the lead bullets, sinkers, copper wires, mercury and the trash left by locals and tourists alike.

The EPA (only one of hundreds) has conducted massive studies on dredging and its effects. And the toughest government agency came to the same conclusion: that dredging does not damage the environment but removes toxic metals and loosens impacted gravels to increase spawning yields. The EPA has partnered with many states' environmental agencies to conduct mercury retrieval buybacks from miners as the only safe method to recycle recovered mercury.

Now California DFG is studying the studies on the studies of the studies ad nauseam. Until the radical environmental movements and Karuk consortium have driven the miners from the Klamath, this insanity will continue. The state can ill afford this waste of taxpayers' dollars.

SB670 is the second attempt in two years to violate the CEQA process that specifically separates (with good reason) biology and politics to protect both the people and the enviromnent of California from political tampering. This illegal rerun around CEQA proves that the process and procedures contained within the CEQA text are indeed tried and true. Their failure to accept this fact is proof that with dozens of lawsuits in many counties and more money than Midas, you can't hide the sick truth.

Dredgers are the smallest user group in the forests. So it would make sense to kick us out first. Next are kayakers; read your article about closing the Pit River. Then rafters? fishermen? hunters?

There never has been and never will be any reason to close any sport, recreational activity and business to conduct a study of the studies of the studies on the studies.

John R. Oates lives in Redding.
This bill will give all states a precedent to hang their kill dredging hat on so please email/fax/call the governator to help stop the insane bill-thanx-tons a au 2 u 2 -John If there was a political section this would be there instead of here-sorry :help:


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May 29, 2005
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thanks John! im stumped from the lack of comitment from a lot of the small scale miners out there not sending in emails/letters/phone calls to stop this violation of our rights. if we dont stick together then wholl help them in their state if this isnt stopped there!


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Nov 6, 2007
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This studying of studies is just in this case,F&G agencies both state and federal are notorious for this act.Most everything they could study has been studied many years ago and many times.Each and everytime they find some great new info that if one looks back through time was already discovered before.I understand that things change things evolve but with every study some right is taken away do to the fact the "Results",or "wanted",results are already decided by somebody higher up or somebody looking for political pull(Wiggins)The outcome is already decided before the biologist takes the field.I have seen it time and time again,first with trapping...which we lost,because of people voting on emotion from untrue info.People should not have the right to vote on things they know absolutely nothing "oh those dredges are noisy!"They should have to prove that dredging DOES harm the environment....we already know it doesnt.Great letter John and you are right they are not going to stop here.

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