Sluicing the East Fork


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Dec 22, 2012
Aliso Viejo, Ca
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I went to the East Fork river today, this little "picker" was on my rubber mat riffles. I dumped some dirt on it and it didn't budge, so I grabbed it. There were some flakes on the mat every bucket I sluiced, so I am a little excited to pan my concentrates tomorrow. If I find anything good, I will post the pictures here.

Nice Steve

That's what I would call a true picker not little nor big, a poster boy "picker".
Good luck hunting


Haha, sweet! Thank you, I hope you have great luck hunting as well!

Congrats Steve. Where were you on the river? I ask because there is now a sign posted that says no prospecting of any kind past Heaton Flats. If you would rather not answer that on a public forum I understand. Beware.

Thanks MrLee, that is good to know. I was just where everyone goes, I found a nice pocket of rusty rocks that I started to dig in to, but barely touched..

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