small point

captain redbeard

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Mar 19, 2015
Cayuga county, New York
Detector(s) used
Fisher F70, garrett pinpointer
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
Got a nice little point and couple flake tools.

100_0556.JPG 100_0557.JPG 100_0558.JPG

100_0559.JPG 100_0560.JPG 100_0561.JPG 100_0564.JPG 100_0564.JPG

100_0565.JPG 100_0566.JPG 100_0567.JPG 100_0568.JPG

I believe this is natural, I don't really see much evidence of being worked, but it was definitely an oddball piece considering where I dug it.

100_0570.JPG 100_0571.JPG 100_0572.JPG 100_0573.JPG 100_0574.JPG 100_0576.JPG 100_0575.JPG

See you guys soon!
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