Sonic Jewelry Cleaners for Coins

Built one of those 'Heath Kit' ones about 25-30 years ago.. I used to use it for cleaning diving regulator parts during the rebuilds. Used vinegar (regular 5%) it did a great job of removing corrosion pretty quick, but over time, the vinegar, under the ultrasonic action, would eat tiny holes in the bottom of the stainless steel tub.. The machine would run for maybe 5 minutes every couple of hours, and lasted about two years.. I wore one out, and still have the second one I built, but only use it maybe once a year to clean a part that nothing else will touch.. The should work well with one of those new Oxi cleaning agent you couldn't get back then.. That would solve the problem of acetic acid pin holes in the tub developing

Never used one on coins, only jewelry. Ultrasonic denture cleaner filled with Windex w/ammonia. Works great but not with pearls or opals. Rinse in hot water after using toothbrush.

Ya .. ultrasonic cleaners will simply destroy a pearl.. I tried windex, but if you forget to dump it afterwards, it leaves a blue stain in the tub thats a bitch to get out! One thing I remember using that works great to take the crud out of a stainless steel Thermos, and there is no reason it won't work on just about anything, and thats a good ole denture cleaning tablet or two..

I use one with liquid ajax dish washing liquid (don't laugh) and it works great!!

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