"StoneMan": Petrified/Fossillized - Head/Skull or ...?


Sep 14, 2014
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Found this item a few years ago down the road a piece, over the creek bed, hiding in plain sight. Have had lots of fun with it including taking photos, writing a song about it and making a youtube video.:laughing7: Rather than me posting a link, look up StoneMan Mystery 2 on the youtube site, even if you just want to have some fun. " Experts" say concretion, but I can't get it out of my head that it looks too much like a head.??????

The video contains many photos + some video footage. At end is vital statistics. Please do note the the in situ pics at beginning were not faked up. Because from a distance it looked like it might be human remains, I had to have a state policeman retrieve it (this was suggested by an anthro I queried). No local police in this neck of the woods.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Charlie P. (NY)

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Feb 3, 2006
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I made it about 30 seconds before I had a brain cramp and backed out. Save your valuable limited minutes of life and watch Duck Dynasty or something relatively more uplifting. HeadSlapSmiley.gif
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