1. I was told this could be a memorial stone?

    hello all. Hope you’re doing well!! I found this when I was a kid on the bank of a river in northern Idaho just around the bend from a dam in Post Falls. I was told by a local rock guy that it looks like a kind of memorial stone I always thought it looked like a fossil but I was a kid. LOL...
  2. Box turtle fossil found

    I was landscaping just outside of Little Rock , Arkansas and found a box turtle fossil . i have no idea if it is a rare find but Seems fairly uncommon in that area from what I know . if Anyone has information they can share on this particular type fossil or ideas on who does or what to do with...
  3. Fossilized box turtle found in Arkansas

    I was landscaping just outside of Little Rock , Arkansas and found a box turtle fossil . i have no idea if it is a rare find but Seems fairly uncommon in that area from what I know . if Anyone has information they can share on this particular type fossil or ideas on who does or what to do with...
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Need help identifying - Fossilized Teeth?

    Hiya! Newbie based out of Austin. Always been a fan of history (received my degree in History from Texas State, but like most people, life took me another direction). Recently stayed at a cabin in AR and used the time to learn my new metal detector. No great finds - Broken horseshoes, nails...
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED I found this piece a few years ago in N Az and began cleaning almost a year ago.

    I believe I can identify this item, but it would be controversial to say the least. If my identification is correct this would be "one of a kind" to say the very least. It would be absolutely groundbreaking and, up to this point, considered impossible. The fossilization of not only soft tissue...
  6. Shortened Form Perhaps??

    Hi What are these? And how did they get in the limestone I was dissolving in acid to release some kind of fossil that is in it? The Limestone is from north central Indiana. Here are some pics of the limestone specimen that these came from: I appreciate anything at all that I can find out...
  7. Large, heavy bone

    Found in a river bank. Very heavy. What is it from?!
  8. How to stabilize fossil (bovine) tooth?

    Hi all I found a fossilized bovine tooth while creek walking several months back. While it seemed stable at first, it now has begun to develop some fine cracks in the mineralized enamel, and one small flake has already come off. I was hoping to learn the optimal way to stabilize a fossil like...
  9. Xenolith... or something more? Help please :)

    Look, I found a thing! My guess is its a xenolith, although others have suggested its some kind of fossil. It was found near Vancouver Canada. What do u guys think? Can anyone ID this rock?
  10. How to find your own fossil collecting sites

    Good morning, and welcome to another Fossil Friday! Its been a while, but I have a new video up, this one is aimed at the beginners. Offering up some advice on where and how to begin finding their own fossil collecting sites. Now, I would like some feedback on this from anyone already...
  11. Is this worth anything?

    I doubt very much that I would actually sell it. The this piece had gone through quite an epic journey to get to the place where it and I would meet, sparking new avenues of interest in me, and ushered in a personal evolution in my life through the learning of how its life kinda single handedly...
  12. Unidentified Fossils

    These fossils were found in our garden in Sydney, Australia. Any ideas what they might be?
  13. South Dakota fossil exploration trip - part 1

    Happy Christmas eve, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a prosperous new year! It may be Christmas eve, but its also Friday, which means its a Fossil Friday. I missed las week due to being sick. Today's video offering is from the first day of a long, multi-day fossil exploration trip in South...
  14. Green River fish prep

    Welcome to another Fossil Friday! My video today is my first time prepping a fish from the Green River formation, 18-inch layer. This fossil was from recovered from outside of Kemmerer, WY by a friend, Kris Howe.
  15. Fossil vertebra prep

    It's Fossil Friday, so I have another fossil video ready. This is a prep of the Edmontosaurus neural arch I recovered in the video posted last week. A little background: Edmontosaurus Annectins, 66 millions years old (Maastrichtian) of the Hell Creek formation, Butte county, South Dakota...
  16. Hell Creek fossil hunt

    Its Fossil Friday, and I have a new video out. This is a trip to hunt for late cretaceous dinosaur fossils in the Hell Creek formation of Butte County, South Dakota. Next week, I should have completed a prep video that comes from this hunt. I hope you enjoy!
  17. My fossil prep lab setup

    Howdy all, I recently created a new YouTube channel strictly for hosting my fossil hunting and prepping videos. My first video was about my prepping shop. I know that the most common questions are "where to search" and "how do I clean this". So in my first video I talk about my work space...
  18. Footprint?

    Hi. I recently found this in a pasture where some topsoil had been scraped off to get at the clay underneath. I think it is sandstone and it definitely looks to me like an impression. Any thoughts?
  19. Fossil

    Ossie finds
  20. What is this?

    I found this while weeding my garden in East Tennessee. Is it a fossil or an Indian tool of some kind?
  21. Looking for info

    I found a few interesting things in Indiana around the Bloomington area and I was wondering if I could get information on them. It's sort of a random lot, but I figure someone may have a better idea than me. Any guesses would be much appreciated!
  22. What the fossil are these?

    Here is another find from the Bloomington, Indiana area. It was covered in moss in the woods a little ways from Indian creek. I thought it was a geode because of the unusual shape, but once I started soaking it to dissolve the rock, I realized it was a fossil. Now to just figure out what kind...
  23. A Very Tiny Mystery

    Hello wonderful fossil-people! I usually hang out in the Native American Artifacts forum but today I'd show up here instead. If you and you're gang enjoy solving a groovy mystery, I have a post for you! This rock was found in an area of Northern Arizona that is very well know for producing lots...
  24. Boring Bone Need ID

    I've posted this on several ID sites (Facebook, Fossil Forum, etc.) but there seems to be no idea or no interest... Partial tibia of what? This was found on a river gravel bar in southern Minnesota :camera:
  25. New Group for Midwestern Fossil Hunters

    Hello - Started a new group for Minnesota and surrounding area fossil hunters:
  26. Possible rock, fossil something else

    This was found Southern Oregon coast. It was very different from anything surrounding. Shiny outer skin. Smooth under loupe. No noticeable mineral. I have exhausted all of my research resources. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Tried to include photo with and without flash. Heavy for...
  27. Help! Is this a rock, fossil, some thing else?

    I am new to treasure hunting. Found this in sticky clay of natural spring on S. Oregon coast. Has shiny outer shell and a smooth grain under loupe.I have looked in all rock, mineral and fossil pics I can find. Not magnetic. Any help is appreciated.
  28. 2020 in Review Roman, Medieval and Much More

    I had a great 2020 and despite all the lockdowns I still managed a few good outings. With this being my first full year in Europe I am very happy with the quality of some of my finds. I'm still kinda stuck in the post-medieval era for the most part but a few lucky digs have been able to push...
  29. Need help identifying possible tusk?

    Hello new to the forum I found this in sw Florida recently I’m not sure if it is a tusk or possibly a tooth any help would be greatly appreciated!
  30. Please help me identify this fossil / bone

    This is another part of the collection I found while clearing an estate. It was in Seattle,Wa. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.
  31. Please help identify this fossil? Bone?

    I found a small collection of very old bones and some fossils while clearing an estate in Seattle, Wa. Please help me identify what this bone is from. I will post some of the other items I found in another post here. I would like to find out how old it may be and what type of animal or...
  32. Help identifying? Found in Missouri

    I'm very new to fossil hunting and found this on my first trip. Maybe a nautiloid cephalopod? Thanks in advance!
  33. I'm pretty sure it's a fossil.. Can anyone help identify?

    Any help would be appreciated. Including whether or not I need better pictures. Thank you!
  34. Weird find in the Black Hills of South Dakota

    While out gold panning I found this weird shell like fossil? It feels like shell material. Slightly brittle on the thin edges. It was lying in the dry creek bed. Maybe someone here can identify it.
  35. If its not amber, what is it?

    Howdy everyone! I was given a pile of what was thought to be amber. Used the salt water test and guess what!?!... nothing floated. So my question is, if its not amber,what is it? They're kinda heavy but they all have the amber color when you shine the light on them. I thought maybe glass but...
  36. Illinois Creek Fossil

    My son found this while we were looking through a creed for anything interesting. My first impression is fossilized honeycomb, but I’m new to the hobby. Any thoughts?
  37. Fossil? Clear Chalcedony Inclusion

    I found this specimen 30 Miles South east of Prescott, AZ in an area where early Neolithic Mammal fossils have been found. When hounding I picked up agate and chalcedony that was scattered all over, not thinking they were anything than normal. These two pieces I picked up seemingly fit...
  38. Possible Fossilised Tooth

    I found this tooth at around 6 inches deep in the middle of the woods (pretty much rules out it being a modern toy) in Southern Luxembourg. It was next to an old creek but nothing else was found at that site other than this. The biggest animals over here are foxes and wild boar and it cant be...
  39. Found while metal detecting one of the Treasure Coast Beaches.

    I am new to the fossil world. I found this yesterday while metal detecting a Florida Treasure Coast beach. I appreciate any knowledge and/or opinions. Thank you
  40. I Think it's a Fossil?

    I found this item 8 inches deep in a metal detecting hole in a park in Luxembourg. I find tons of Devil's toenail fossils (Gryphaea) in the area which are an extinct oyster species but I've never found anything different. Like I said I'm more of a metal detecting guy and know next to nothing...