Strange Victorio Peak Info... Maybe the answer to where the gold went?


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Jan 2, 2006
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I just stumbled onto this website, and this thread has been a very interesting thing to read, hard to follow sometimes, but interesting (and I haven't read it all - yet). I don't know any of you, or you me, but I did know Tony Jolley VERY well. He had been a friend of my family since the 1950s. I imposed upon him, as a friend, and asked if I could "officially interview" him (several times) about his history/past so I could do a painting of him - (at my request, not his, & it was hard to talk him into it). He was a WWII pilot, shot down while trying to bomb the Yamato battleship (the painting I wanted to do), and he spent a long time in a hospital recovering (was a purple heart recipient); I once did a couple of sketches for him and a friend to illustrate a story about them that was published in the Western Horseman Magazine quite a few years ago, as Tony and his friend, when kids, worked "jerk-line" teams of mules hauling supplies from Burley, Idaho, down into Nevada; he was a veterinarian; yes, he was a cowboy - BIG TIME!! He was a roping partner and good friend with the likes of Ben Johnson (the stuntman/actor); he raised some of the best cutting and roping horses in the U.S.; on his cheap little Idaho farm he also raised elk, along with cattle and horses; his entire life he spent endless personal hours and money travelling the country trying to help those in need, even total strangers; he was a miner, and even travelled to South America in search of gems; -- and, yes, I did interview him about the Victorio Peak gold. I still have my interviews with him, that I hand-wrote while we talked, and he signed them. He was one of the kindest, softest spoken, most generous with his time, HONEST men I've ever met! I never knew either of my grandfathers, but I hope that they were something like him. He knew what he was telling was the truth, and I know he was telling the truth, and it doesn't add up to a hill of beans if anyone else does or doesn't. But it's amazing how you can trash someone you don't know squat about, trying to build up someone else. He was a good, honest, albeit adventurous, man that got caught up in this crazy story of found gold, man killed, government steals gold.

Hey Becky,

I got your message from my youtube video about Tony Jolley. One thing I have railed about several times is EXACTLY what you mentioned. Since this is an anonymous internet forum, people find it very easy to give less than honest motivations to people they have never met or know anybody that person knew. In all my research, I have never seen nor heard one bad word written or spoken about Tony Jolley. That is unusual for ANYBODY, but because of that, I have always taken him at his word in the interview.

Now for the not so good part. I have moved twice since I got the interview. I have to look to find the remainder. If I can't find it, I know the guy that did the interview with him. I will contact him and see about getting another copy.

Take Care - Mike


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Jul 27, 2006
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