Suspender Fasteners? 1856?

Jan 27, 2019
Saratoga Springs NY
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Hello Everyone! This is my first post, yay! Anyway, I was hoping someone could help me out with a few items I am not sure about.

This first one is possibly a suspender fastener? It's hard getting a good picture but I believe it is 1856. It's in better shape than it looks and the hinge still works! Found it in Connecticut near an old abandoned mill area.

Thanks in advanced!

Super nice suspenders snap. Welcome to the forum, look forward to seeing more of your cool finds.

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yep that's what it is. Of course, the patented date doesn't mean that's the year they were made, but they are from around that time period. Cool find. Welcome to the forum

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Welcome aboard! Great photos! Cleaned up nicely and is in good condition for its age. This was an easy ID. In future posts I recommend putting a coin or ruler next to your find to help Tnet ID more challenging artifacts.

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Very nice find in great condition, Congrats!!!

Welcome to TNet!!!

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First off welcome to Tnet Melisiana! :hello:

That's definitely an early one due to the design of the teeth, most were not this decorative.
As Jewelerguy mentioned, "the patented date doesn't mean that's the year they were made".

I've found a couple that were very well designed and a few that actually featured US coins on them as decoration.
Here are a few examples that I've found in the last few years.



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That is one beautiful early suspender buckle! :tongue3: Welcome to the forum! :hello:

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That's an Awesome suspender clip/buckle.
and Welcome to TreasureNet :hello:

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As the others have said, it's a suspender buckle and a very nice one too. Welcome to our large and expanding group. That's a good find.

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