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May 29, 2009
Brazos Valley, Texas
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Hey Texicans all,

Some of you undoubtedly know about this, but for those of you that don't, if you google TSHA it'll pop up. When it does. click on Southwest Historical Quarterly. You will be able to access all publications for the last 100 years, starting in 1897. There is a real wealth of knowledge about our fine state. On the first page is a map of the San Jacinto battleground which you can blow up to an unreal size. Shows all the detail necessary to get a real fix on things for you Houston natives and other interested parties. Right there at Buffalo Bayou.
The quarterly tells of all things, with stories from some of the real pioneers. Some real neat stuff. Some maps as well.
I got a lot of info on the native Americans from east to west Tx. Very good info.
Just had to share this goldmine. Hope some of you can make good use of it.



Jul 5, 2010
Perry Van Arsdale pioneer maps

I am the granddaughter of Perry Van Arsdale who drew and documented his worldwide famous pioneer maps. I have found that many of you are looking for the maps to buy and our family is the source. They show old roads,railroads,cattle and emigrant trails,state and freight lines with stations,old forts,trading posts,early settlements,mining towns, and American Indian tribe areas. We have Texas,Colorado,New Mexico,Arizona,Illinois,Southwest,Northwest,East-South and American Indian. If you are interested, please contact me: chagen746@aol.com

Thank you, Cheryl Van Arsdale Hagen

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