thanks keith and fort bedford


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Jan 2, 2013
western md
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garrett 250 and new this year at pro
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All Treasure Hunting
just wanted to say thanks to keith for the fast shipping and great customer service that he gave me on my phone calls to help me pick a set of grey ghost headphones and a Wilcox digger( I got the one with the serrated edges ) I like sharp stuff and the Wilcox came with a dandy edge already on it so that was a plus ..

now if this dang snow would leave just long enough for me to try them out I would be totally satisfied heck I took them out of the bag made sure they fit my head then hung them on my detector maybe I should plug them in and give them a whirl here in the house . but maybe i'll wait for the real test outside .

but just and word of thanks and great sevice from keith and fort Bedford metal detectors .


You are quite welcome, Scott. It was a pleasure talking with you on the phone and helping you with the headphones.

Unfortunately the sharpest of digging tools are no match for the frozen ground right now.... but looking at the forecast we may finally be in for a reprieve in the next few days!

Thanks again for your purchases and also to Gary for the kind endorsement!

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