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Oct 27, 2011
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It has been 11 years ago that I posted this token ( I have had it for 14 years now ) and posting it again in the hopes someone may know or have
opinions which all are welcome. I got it 14 years ago in an estate sale from North Carolina (estate did not know what it is about)
The center dot shield looks like it has been punched and the the boys looks like they are all hand carved (very tiny at 5mm / 3/16 inch) as
there are tiny differences. One person a while back mention they look lined up like Orion's Belt so I put the two pictures side X side....
There simply are "No" crazy, dumb or foolish thoughts or opinions as one of those just may help solve what this represents. Thanks to all ....


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Feb 3, 2009
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Couple of things
Have you a link to the previous post up?
(Just to get a sense where the ideas went)

Photo of the back @ the half way point looks like a mark-possible shank was attached at one time?
The first photos have a gold wash remaining it looks like in certain parts at the 7/10 mark.
Though it might be just the lighting.

Certainly one of those noodle scratchers for sure.
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Jan 19, 2017
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My guess would be a flat button, I too thought it has traces of a gold wash, and the back center looks as though it COULD have had a shank. Someone may simply fashioned it for themselves. any meaning behind it?, I don't know, but very very cool.
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