The Nugget Hunter’s Bedrock Detecting for Gold Nuggets Part 2


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Oct 18, 2005
Northern California
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The Nugget Hunter’s Bedrock Detecting for Gold Nuggets Part 2

Part Two Afternoon Gold the Guy's move to a new Hydraulic pit after eating lunch and discussing there next move in search of bigger Gold Nuggets. Located in the Motherlode in an area worked by the fortyniners during the California Gold Rush .
The Old timer's didn't get it all just watch and see the spot Gary found.
Come along with Jeff and Gary ( Two Toe's ) as there joined once again by the Hawaiian's J.C. ( Minin Hawaiian ) and Tim ( Blue Lead Gold Production ) in an epic quest to see who finds the most and the biggest Nuggets !!!
Here is the list of Detector's used by the guys on this adventure.
Gary is using the Minelab SDC 2300, Jeff is using a White's Gold Master V-Sat, yes we know the detector is almost as old as J.C. !!!!!
Tim is running a White's TDI and, J.C. is running two detector's the White's Gold Master 3, and the Garrett AT Max

Thanks for watching
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Apr 5, 2017
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Nice work guys! Gary is killing it with that sdc! Thanks for the cool videos and sharing your experiences. Looks like a good time

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