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Apr 15, 2009
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Fisher F70
This small roller pestle is only 3 3/4 inches long, its 2 3/8 inches in diameter was found in Hancock County Indiana. Multiple small plow strikes are visible on its surface, both old and new. Peck marks are still visible on some areas of the body while most have been removed from being used, on the rounded ends and some areas of the body. A "relatively" flat area can be seen in one image.

While I can recall finding many, if not most of the relics I have found over the years, I can recall vividly the day this pestle was found.

I had been out late the previous evening with some non-relic hunting friends and was feeling a little off from the effects that next morning. In those days I live a number of miles from where Darrell lived and it was normal for us to meet at a small country store, get coffee and talk about where to hit the fields. I would leave my vehicle at the store work the maps and Darrell would drive. Some days I would not even be watching where we were at, just studying the maps and saying go two miles and turn left.

It was a cold wintery day with light snow falling. The nighttime temperatures had fallen around freezing, and the ground, while good for hunting had gotten stiff and hard from the cold.

We walked the field for a few hours in that early morning, the sun was rising making puling the relics off the ground needing a little tug.

It was only after being in the field for a few hours that I picked up the pestle. That and a number of points. But the effects of the cold wind, and the queasy feeling I had from the past night made me tell Darrell I was going back to the car to rest and try to get my head right. It was not normal for me to have to leave the field like that, but by the time I got back to the car, I had to put the seat back and close my eyes.

It was a few hours later I heard the door open. The wind had picked up and Darrell stood there grinning at me like the Chesire cat with frozen snot hanging from his nose. His cheeks red from the blowing wind and light snow. He was holding out his hands and had a number of nice points. I had slinked down in the seat all curled up and moaning "that's nice." It was one of those days, but the relic hunting was pretty good, even if I only got out for a few hours.

It was a few months later that same year I found one of my favorite axes, the three-quarter groove axe I posted earlier.

It makes me smile every time I think of the image of him standing there at the car door like that.





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