The Special Easter Eggs Have Hatched.


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Nov 27, 2017
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On March 31 I posted pics of some eggs layed on Easter Sunday and they have finally hatched ! Could have been hatched yesterday or today by the looks of them. Eyes are not opened yet. Just grabbed a quick look and a couple of shots as I did not relish being dive bombed by angry mockingbirds. I could only get 2, possibly 3 chicks sighted of the 5 eggs,

Nature is simply amazing. Bird drops a round thing, and a couple weeks later a new life walks out of it.

Sorry and sad to have to report that as of this afternoon there is only one surviving mockingbird baby left in the nest.
Early in the day there were 3.

Later we heard a lot of screeching from the parents and went out to find them fending off both a large blackbird and a swallow-tailed kite. I don't know much about blackbird behavior, but I know that the swallow-tailed kite is a beautiful raptor that is known to rob other bird's nests. This was the second time I helped to chase it away. Too late. This is the lone survivor, and with the nest as exposed as it is I'll be surprised if it makes it. Not more than a foot into the bush.

The "circle of life" and Mother Nature are neither gentle nor kind. Hoping that last little one makes it.

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