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Nov 29, 2014
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Hello, a friend of mine bought a vx3 but he's not really happy with it.
He's using the detector with stardard settings because by messing with advanced settings the detector does not work at all.
He's complainting that he never dig out something more than 7/8 centimeter because the VDI are always jumpy, beep on every thing, cannot center targets good, he must keep the sens pretty low or the detector goes grazy or get strongly unstable.
I am pretty sure that he is not setting it in the proper way, it is a compilicated machine with so many settings from what i understand (never had one on hands)
..wondering if there is any vx3 guru who writed an alternative user manual for the Vx3 like Mike Hills did for the F5, or if you guys can give me any link to website/blog about how to use andset this detector propely so i send it to him.
I feel he's using this detector maybe at 15% of his potential.
He comes from an AT PRO (and other machines) and have 5+ years of experience in detecting, but now he is a little frustrated and I want to help him.
His vx3 got a D2 coil installed.

Thank you so much.

I have the V3i and have had some good results. I have had some issues with a bad battery. Has he tried another battery?

First consider that a "master reset" may be needed, especially if it is a used machine. If you can't figure out how to, call Whites and they will help you do it over the phone. This will put you back to square 1. Then see if the same problems occur. With help from the Whites Online Forum and phone support they will help you resolve your issues I'm sure.

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