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Mar 16, 2011
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Jan 27, 2020
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Has anyone used a titanium sand scoop for any length of time now? I'd like to know how it's holding up and who you bought it from. Extreme Scoops?
I have one that came from xtreme scoops, I really like it. It’s a little over 3 years old and has served me well. The point is starting to roll over as it has gotten worn down and I have abused the crap out of it. I found an area that I don’t believe was ever hunted before, it is nothing but oyster shells and you really have to force the scoop in. Sometimes I actually have to kick it to get any penetration.
I’m happy enough with the performance that I just purchased another one. I will continue to use my original scoop in the oyster beds and other areas that are similar. Overall the scoop is well made and the welds have held up with no issues.
this area is down current from a swimming beach and has produced gold and silver rings as well as silver coins and buffalo nickels with dates.
im using the all terrain model.


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