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Jan 30, 2012
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Hey all,

I have been reading these forums for a couple weeks now and decided to join up tonight so this is my first post. It is my hope to be able to learn some tricks of the trade from some of the experienced CRH's and contribute something positive to the forum conversations.

I recently got into metal detecting but its a hard hobby when the temperature is sub 30's and the ground is frozen or a sloppy mess. That being said I needed a coin fix and discovered CRH. After reading over several threads on the subject across multiple forums I jumped in. To date I have sorted 3 boxes of dimes and 4 boxes of cents and random half rolls that I could pick up. I can already feel the addiction coming on and something called "coin porn" seeping into my blood.

Finds to date on silver are 2 dimes and 2 40% halves.

Did a box of dimes and a box of pennies/cents today.

Was only going to get dimes and the teller asked me if I wanted to do pennies today also, I almost said no but then accepted them. I am glad I did. previously I averaged 20-22% copper and 8-12 wheats.... this box was loaded with wheat backs and nowhere near typical results I would think as i dont have much experience to draw a solid conclusion from.

Dimes - Skunk
Pennies - 6.72 copper, 12 shinies, 79 wheats, 13 canadian 2 of which were 1867 / 1967 centenial cents

Wednesday cant get here fast enough, doing the first 2 boxes of halves as I have only been able to gather a few rolls here and there and I found a bank that will order halves for me even as a non member. Love small towns.

Thanks for reading.
Xiao en
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Aug 10, 2011
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Welcome, once the first big find occurs you'll be hooked. My first box was a skunk then my second box was a 40+! Still one of my best boxes. Be prepared for lots of skunks and some troublesome tellers, o and alot of excitement !

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