Tons of silver and 1700's paper currency?


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Jun 30, 2014
Barry county
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A friend of mines father passed and while going through thing he found this stuff and asked me what it is and it's value but I haven't the foggiest idea, hoping you all can help. The second picture is breathtaking...hopefully I will own all of this soon but we need to figure out what it is and a value 51257962780__6D60DBBA-D7A0-4BA0-AF52-16C5B18B1FB0.JPG 51257962780__6D60DBBA-D7A0-4BA0-AF52-16C5B18B1FB0.JPG 51257966300__3F1C4647-CED1-45A8-806E-C3E51D35BE5C.JPG

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Mar 18, 2015
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I am agreement about the reproductions since that envelope says as much. What are in those bags? $100 face of of something gorgeous? That's a batch of silver that I am hoping he didn't overpay for from Shop at Home.

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