Treasure of Trinity?


Apr 23, 2014
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Not sure where to post this, but Treasure Legends seems to work. I was just reading the posts about Inca gold and remembered a story I heard recently. It was about gold stolen from the Incas from a Portuguese sailor who was then killed on the way home with it. The gold was given to Jesuit priests but was stolen by a pirate and never recovered. Wondering if anyone has heard of this treasure of Trinity and/or knows any more about it?
Aug 23, 2013
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Hello Ltreasure

interesting legend. but I would not hold my breathe with it.

But unfortunately it seems a miss mash of info garbled into incomprehensible treasure story.

There has never been a king of Bolivia in an official capacity. Bolivia which was part of upper Peru did not exist until mid 19th century well after the Spanish crown had been ousted out of South America. There is at present a local community of African Bolivians to get great publicity about their plight crowned a king who is an owner of a grocery store. Not a king of vast wealth or historical linage. The Jesuits was long gone from the time of the expulsion and only returned to south America by 1814. And by then the war of independence had started. If there was any connection to Portuguese Sailor he would of most likely been recruited as privateer from the Azores. The story of the Trinity is modern invention added to by various conspiracy theorists.. one such person believes all treasure are related to one great treasure.

More information is needed to get concrete answers for such a tale

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