Two great hunts: my first suspender clip, and then 3 silvers later in the day!


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Jan 27, 2015
Morris County, NJ
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Hi everyone. I went on two different hunts today: this morning I hit a field where I hoped to find some history, and this afternoon I went to a park where I've been finding silver coins (fortunately) in 2021.

This morning's field was the one where I found the
I walked back and forth one time before the rain started falling heavily enough to send me back to the car. The items I found in the 60 minutes I was on-site are in the yellow box:
- my first suspender clip! This one is complete (and would almost still work - the mechanism is fully intact) and my son and I believe we see "PAT 1871" on the back.
- a button that I thought might be a coin at first. There's no shank and the shank attachment area isn't even obvious, but I've concluded it's a very thin bent up button probably from the mid-1800's.

This afternoon I talked my wife into coming with me to the local park that has
She walked along with me when I started detecting so I cherry picked the first signal and hit a home run: 1954 Washington Quarter. That was my first silver quarter since early in 2021.
After that I let her swing the XP Deus and she found a nice repeatable signal that was either a nickel or a pull tab; I got lucky and it was a nickel, and she exclaimed "wow this is way more fun than detecting on the beach!" (She probably feels that way because she and I have never found a gold ring on the beach...).
She stopped tagging along after the nickel and she went to sit below a shady tree and read. I continued to hunt and found the silver dime (1960-D) next; I called her over and let her pull it from the plug. The clad included 6 pennies (three wheat), 2 dimes and that nickel she found.
The 1936 quarter came toward the end of hunting, and altogether we were there maybe 90 minutes. I dug an equal number of trash targets (not shown) to coin/jewelry targets. (the hear pendant is nothing special, but cute).

It was a great day - I feel incredibly fortunate to pull three silvers! - and I hope my wife has a clearer appreciation for what I'm doing all those times I leave the house with my detector! (And I hope she'll join me again on future hunts - maybe she was my good luck charm!)

- Brian


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Feb 3, 2009
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Nicely done on the silvers and the suspender clip.
The Mrs tagged along once-that only lasted a brief bit then she sat and read in the truck-bored.
She asked once-"Why do you always shave before going out detecting?"

I replied that I wanted to look good for the squirrels. :dontknow:


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Apr 1, 2021
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Nice finds!!

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