Unique beach sifter shaft set up

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Sep 21, 2012
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I was given a fiskars tree trimmer years ago that was missing 2-3 parts that I never tried to replace. I have almost no use for it so I stripped the metal parts off and kept the lightweight fiberglass/extendable shaft, almost immediately I wanted to use it as a shaft for my new sifter. I cut the outside of the pole to the length I wanted (orange shaft), next I took a 12" length of the inner Shaft (the inner white fiberglass extendable part) inserted into the end that was going to be attached to the "Original T-Rex" sifter plugged it then used West Marine two part epoxy I think it's called Wet System, but any epoxy would work. I used enough to fill the shaft most of the 12". I did this to stiffen the shaft where the strain would be when digging. Next at the handle end I did the same thing but only about 3" so now I had a hollow shaft sealed at both ends. My original T-Rex is worn down about a half inch and I've had to have it welded in the past where it cracked. These sifters are tough but prying large rocks with them takes its toll; it didn't owe me anything so I could justify buying a new one. The orange shaft is about 1/8" smaller than where it goes into the sifter, so I found a thin wall PVC drain piece at Home Depot and cut it to fit the end of the shaft. you can see it in the pictures. I love the Detector pro Raptor pull and guide handles and have been using them for as long as they've been around, so I bought a new set. They fit perfect with the hardware provided. When I put the set screws in the handle that secure it to the shaft, I added a small amount of silicone to keep the shaft watertight. If water gets into the shaft it would make it heavier and hard to drain, I want the shaft to be buoyant so it will not sink when I let it go in the water. Next, I like a bigger grip, so I used a yellow size "ReGrip" on the guide handle. Its rubber and reduces strain on my hand and wrist. I carefully put the regrip on almost all the way but cut it off and put the remaining 3" on the top end of the shaft to make it softer in case it hits something in the car or house its less likely to scratch. I haven't used it yet but I can tell its very strong and solid. I got the regrip on amazon, the T-Rex and Detectorpro Raptor pull and guide handles at Colonial Metal Detectors. It weighs less than my wood handle but more than a carbon fiber shaft, but this cost me nothing for the shaft. one more thing, when I was done, I checked Craigslist and sure enough there was the exact pruner for sale I think the price was $25. it wasn't near me but their available cheap out there. thanks for looking.
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