V for Victory But What Does This Pin Represent?


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Just picked these up today at an estate sale. I have 2 sterling ones with the V and the other is 10k without the V. Sterling ones have a makers mark but the gold one doesn't. I know about the WW2 "V for Victory" sign but I don't think (could be wrong) these are that era. Can't figure out what the background image is. Anybody have any ideas?

DSC05737 (928x942).jpgDSC05739 (1024x770).jpgDSC05741.JPG

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Just tidying up some blasts from the past (including some very ancient ones), largely for the benefit of anyone searching the site for information.

Scarce badge. The logo is for the ‘Visiting Nurse Service’ of New York, as on this hat badge:


The service was Founded in 1893 by nursing pioneer Lillian D. Wald and Mary M. Brewster. It’s now one of the largest not-for-profit home- and community-based health care organizations in the United States, serving the five boroughs of New York City; Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties; and parts of upstate New York.

That’s a WWII era badge and I believe the additional ‘V’ is indeed intended as a patriotic ‘Victory’ emblem.

I don't the sense these are WWII era either.

I can't make anything out of the initials - if that's what they are...

Maybe 'V' for Volunteer on the sterling pins and you get the gold when you become a member?

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Haven't found the symbol and don't want to use up my data looking (well, I "do"...but I can't) But that V may be a 5.

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are you sure it's not Lambda ?

DSC05737 (928x942).jpg

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are you sure it's not Lambda ?

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I'm pretty sure. Based on the pin attachment. Also the serifs don't look right, it actually looks upside down, to me anyway.
I deleted my post about the maker mark. I'll retract and say it is what it appears to be, an I inside a diamond.


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Never seen anything like it. Looks like one of those things you just keep and ten years down the road you see one somewhere selling for good money. LOL

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Never seen anything like it. Looks like one of those things you just keep and ten years down the road you see one somewhere selling for good money. LOL
I hear ya. Been there done that before. The 10k pin weighs 4 grams so, it's worth a little bit already. Add another unknown to the pile.

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Just curious here, but did you think to ask at the place you bought them?

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Quite a few pages here - I found a catalog that may help. https://archive.org/details/illustratedcatal01iron

Figured I'd link it just in case your eyes are faster than mine :)
Looked at it this morning, lol. :icon_thumright: At any rate, I'm starting to believe this is a "V for Victory" logo on it. After doing some more research, I think it is possible for it to have been made during that era. The one(s) without are just regular employee pins for the same company maybe? So now we have examples of a 10k and a sterling one without the V, plus 2 sterling ones with the V.
PS- kcm, Yes I asked but the person holding the sale knew nothing about them. It was an estate sale. The one Ben found says art deco era. I'm unsure about that one. I think they were stretching it some with that.

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