Vintage U.S ARMY All Metal Cap Gun ROTH american MADE IN USA


Jan 26, 2017
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Hi does it have a city or state of origin on it? I believe Roth American was made in a factory on Pennsylvania Ave. in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., If so I am about a Driver and three wood and a 7-iron away from the old factory.....Joe McDonough

Sorry I can't help with a value, I am guessing Mom did't want her boy playing with toy guns. Bu the way you need to be a charter member to sell here on Tnet

Dont know what its worth, but it is a nice find. I like estate sales.

Nice snag. Sales are fun and sometimes you get a steal.

You won't get any offers from regulars on here. We have all seen people come and go including scammers. This site has a Charter Membership to discourage scammers.

If you really want to sell it go to Fee-Bay or Craigslist.

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