War of 1812 artifacts?


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Feb 16, 2013
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I know this forum is for Revolution but there's no War of 1812 forum (is there?) so I'd like to ask your help since the time period is close. been hunting an eastern Virginia spot where a documented skirmish occurred in 1814. British ship sent some sailors inland and they briefly clashed with some Virginia Militia. I have hoped for something definitive but these finds aren't. Or are they? That's what I want to know: would you consider these to be war-related relics from that period? Obviously the flintlock hammer, the 1801 large sent, and the quarter of the Spanish(?) coin dated 17?? are generally right chronologically but does anything else jump out at you? Are these buttons (with the face designs) what I've heard of as "Hessian buttons?" All the buttons photographed from the BACK are plain front, flat buttons. several "ball buttons" too. I'm curious about the iron. The large "tent-peg" looking things and the rest. In one photo there's a modern breech-loading shotgun piece, and a strap hinge, but anybody have a clue what the weird shaped thing in that pic is? And if you can positively identify anything else, boy would I appreciate it . . . I will also post in the "What is it?" forum, but I wanted expert opinions about the LOT of stuff.


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Especially bottom 2 photos. Left is size of a quarter - cat-face? Small lock escutcheon? What are the three things in bottom right photo?

nice finds congrats happy hunting

You may be onto a good site. What's the cal. of the larger lead balls. In the photo on the left is there a star on the button above the quarter? Maybe the photo but in the same photo at the 4 o'clock position - is there something on that one? The iron object you're holding looks like a broken adz. What is the object in the center of the bottom right photo. Keep huntin' that site, nice stuff!

Trice - the larger lead balls are .69 cal. Nah, no star. The button looks pewter, and it has a stylized design roughly in the SHAPE of a star, but not a military star. Good eye on the 4 o'clock position, but that's a button BACK. Bent, shank missing. It looks like olive branch, leaves & vine, something like that. But that's the back. Where the shank was is easily seen up close. Thanks for the adz opinion. You are probably spot on. In the pic with flintlock hammer, the broken button in the 6 o'clock position also looks pewter, and it has scalloped edge and a flower in the center. I think the thing under the hammer is a trigger, but it's brass. Thought that was maybe cause to think not a trigger. In photo four was the biggest surprise. That's a Chinese coin (With the square hole). Wonder how it got to Virginia? Would LOVE to find something "no-question" military. Maybe this spring . . . thanks for the comments and HH.

Uneducated guess here, but in bottom right, the threaded thing looks as if it was to be anchored into wood and it resembles a sling stud. I have them in my modern rifles, just not sure if they were used back then. Nice finds from that spot!

DUDE..I'm not really the Guy to get all your answers from..but I hope he shows up soon! You've done awesome with what you have there.


Great collection of finds. In your first photo, the screw object is a lock screw to a flintlock hammer that holds the flint in the jaw. The other metel piece is the trigger assembly, and would have been found close to the lock screw, Keep up the good work.

Your top, center photo also contains the remains of the hammer itself. It's the part with the square hole. HH

looks like colonial relics to me. it is hard to say who was there because allot of times southern troops in the civil war took hand me downs and whatever they had 2 war.But my first impression would be some militia.Whatever kind of site your diggin,slow down and take your time.Even when ya think its all gone,keep lookin "good luck man.

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