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Rob Towner has built, rebuilt and revised many wash plants in his 25 plus years of mining. Your gold mining endeavors will benefit from his diverse and successful gold and diamond mining expertise. His wash plants will help you recover your target mineral.

Rob's Wash Plants are supplied as a complete unit, including Hopper, Vibrating Screen/Trommel (Classifier), Sluice Boxes or Jig Concentrator (depends on your project requirements), Centrifugal Pump, and Trailer. The key ability Rob has from his mining experience is building a Wash Plant that suits your project.



Not much of an "introduction" about who you are...but hopefully that's coming soon.

Welcome to TNET!

A better intro

Welcome to TNet. :)

I am new to a forum and still have a lot to learn about this kinda work.

I have been placer mining around the world for over 15 years, some of that in very remote and even hostile places. That experience has taught me how to do a lot with not much resources, hence my wash plant design. I have seen a lot of "mouse traps" in my time that folks use to get some rock in the box, I do believe that my solution is a good one - at least it has been for me.

If you want to learn more about the places i have mine and projects I have worked, take some time to look over my blog: Rob Towner's Official Gold & Diamond Mining Technique Blog.

Hope that works for a short intro, let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by to read my post here.


looks like he has a good solid foundation and knowledge to build a wash plant.. I have watched his videos. I wish he would show more on feeding gravel and washing it, you know real mining. then you might be able
to see what’s going on.


I Like the wash plant Rob :icon_thumleft:

Just wondering, with your signature 45-65 YPH wash plant what would you consider the recovery/loss ratio is for gold? diamonds?
In other words are you recovering 90% of the gold fed into the plant? More? Less? Same with diamonds 90% 95% 98% or what? on average. Does it come with water pump? what gph do you recommend?

Lets say the material is typical clay, mud, gravel, such as would be found in Ghana.

Also do you know Dan Pohle? If you do, how would you compare your wash plant diamond Jig design to his? Price competitive? recovery rates? maintenance, etc.

Thanks in advance,

Hi G.G.

This wash plant is a pretty good one. My favorite plant I sent to venezuela years back and I recovered a lot of gold and Diamonds with it. Same design. Most of these tropical environments are sapprolitic in composition for the most part and many have a Kaolin clay bedrock. These clays are very hard to effectively treat under normal screening operations. Prior to screening in these types of environments and I am speaking in general I have used an oversized hopper with a high pressure washing system that effectively fluidizes the clay liberating the gold and Diamonds. Every project has different parameters and these need to be evaluated independently. As long as you can liberate your gold and diamonds from the clay recovering them is pretty easy, I like sluices where applicable and jigs for diamonds. Centrifugal recovery is always a bit more challenging usually due to sensitivity to feed and a qualified workforce. The screening plants I like for many reasons mostly they do a good job if the material is free flowing.

Most of my recoveries have been in the 90% plus range. That is for gold Diamonds and Sapphires and I have recovered a lot of them. my prices are competitive and best of all they are built by a proven production miner, My plants work period. Maintenance is overall very good. Hope that helps. All the best Rob T.

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