Wedding ring found


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Jan 7, 2016
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Since i am fairly new to this forum im posting this now even though it happened last summer :)

It was about 6 in the evening, i saw a post on Facebook where a couple i met once asked if anyone knew where they
could buy a cheap metal detector to find something they lost. I asked them if they needed one, or wanted one for any other purpose then to find what they had lost. And they didn't, so i told them i could come over to help them.
They were so happy when i showed up 30 min later with my detector in hand.

I asked them where they thought it was lost, but the woman said she had no clue as she lost it when doing garden work. I said, OK then, lets just start and well see what we find. I took the detector out of the car, turned it on. took a ground balance test, and started swinging, i took about 5 steps before i got a really nice DING.
The couple came running over and asked me if i found it, i said i don't know yet, but the signal is promising.
The man said he couldn't see anything, i said it should be about where the small whole in the middle of the coil is,
So i removed the coil, and he stuck his hand into the fairly rough grass, and immediately pulled up his hand as if it got bit by something. However he was not bit at all, he just threaded his finger through a wedding ring.
The woman couldn't believe her eyes, nor that i found it after about 1 minute. As "she and her husband had been on their knees for 3 weeks looking" They had a laugh, then invited me in for a coffee, After a couple of cups of coffee, The husband wanted to pay me for my time, but i said well in my normal job i make about 20 bucks pr hour, so if we divide that on 60 minus two cups of coffee, i actually think i owe you money. So if we call it even that's fine with me...

we all had a laugh, and now also a funny story :)


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Mar 13, 2015
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I love a good story with a happy ending! Way to go!

Duckman Willcox

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Sep 20, 2015
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One BING then one ring, equals one happy couple and one generous man -- congrads Mr. Rust.

against the wind

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Jul 27, 2015
Port Allegheny, Pennsylvania
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Excellent job Rustman,,
That couple will always think of you whenever they see someone swinging a coil.

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