1. Hi, I'm new to this website. Here's is some of my best finds

  2. Tungsten Carbide ring

    Tungsten Carbide ring

    A cool tungsten ring I found last summer
  3. 10k White gold moissanite ring

    10k White gold moissanite ring

    One of my all time best finds up to date. I found it with the Garrett Ace Apex. I submitted it to Garrett and I won one of the monthly Apex finds.
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Please help identify this ring

    Hello! I'm looking for information on this ring. So I believe this must be a medallion of some sort because the back side of it appears to be flat. I asked about it on the metal detecting subreddit and someone suggested it might be related to Sol Invictus. I don't have too much information on...
  5. Is this 17g gold ring Freemasons or something else?

    So I haven't posted in a while, but this one rang up on my Equinox 600, and I was pretty stoked. 18k gold ring, 17g. I need some info on this, because I'm getting mixed reviews. Some say the motto "In Hoc Signo Vinces" makes it definitely Templar Masons, others say the scimitar makes it...
  6. RING , very old............

    Very-very old , big size ring,:) There are on this ring some letters, but very bad visible ....
  7. V.R.S.N.S.M.V RING

    Hello friends, Just found this rear marvelous ring along the bush. Some writtings on it and feels very heavy. has a cross and some writtings on it V.R.S.N.S.M.V video link It was cast from an original antique medallion (GOOGLE)
  8. Need help finding Gold ring in field

    Hi everyone! Are there any treasure hunters that want to make a little money off their find? I lost a gold ring in a park while my wife and I were taking pictures. It wasn’t my wedding ring, per se, but still a very special ring that my wife gave me after our wedding. Lots of sentimental value...

    I am desperately trying to get help to find my wedding band . Value is $750 . Accidentally pulled off and is currently sitting at the bottom of a river. 14' max depth, extremely slow to no current. i have a map with marking with the exact route i swam . also two scuba divers came out and combed...
  10. Can you identify? TODAYS FIND!

    Found on outing today...Has initials R.F. and Also this mark. Can anyone please help Identify this mark? Happy Dirt...
  11. Moar River Gold!

    I spent yesterday playing in the river with my propointer and ATpro and found 5 bricked cell phones (one has an SD card we are going to return to the owner) a sterling ring, and this chonky gold ring. It's pretty crude which makes me think it may be from an amateur jeweler in South America. Its...
  12. 925 “PC”

    Looked all over the internet for this jewelry hallmark on a ring I found in the yard of an ‘85 house flip and there is no clear definition for it. Thought I could share this for the experienced on here. HH everyone:icon_thumright:
  13. 1927 HS Ring - 10 K Gold

    I acquired a ring from my late step mom from Connecticut. I have asked her family and nobody seems to know about the ring. It has what looks like a B in the center and HS on both sides. There is some initials on the inside but not sure what school it could be from.
  14. 1867 penny, gold plated ring, old button and a lead toy soldier, all from my yard

    if anybody has any questions, feel free to ask!
  15. Iron rings and links

    My buddy found this in what was once a farm until around 1970. I believe it’s iron. It is pretty heavy. There are no makers marks on it. I used a can of soda for size purposes. He attempted to remove some of the rust with Naval jelly which explains the whitish color. It was really closer to...
  16. First Gold of 2020

    This is why you dig pull tab signals. 10k Knights of Columbus ring
  17. Does this marking mean its real gold?

    The marking inside this gold ring says 18KGERSG what does it stand for?
  18. Need help with this odd ring?

    A friend of mine found this and has no interest in collecting they found it on accident and i cant find anything on it so any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your time.
  19. yard sale SILVER RING!

    Found this 5 g. ring for .25 cents at a yard sale. It's worth about 2.30 in silver. It's out of shape sadly.