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Mar 26, 2003
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Alrighty... what do you use to indentify your bottles? I have had about a 25% success rate online and in some of the books. Mostly trouble with the ones without markings... I'll post my pics sometime next week after I get time to actually take pics of them!

Also, is there anything out there that takes off the "pearl" on colored glass (without tumbling or acid). Spray Nine works great on the clear glass for me...



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Hey Chiz,
The unembossed ones are usually not worth looking up unless there is an unusual shape or other feature, such as color or oddity.

Some people "buff" bottles, but tumbling and dipping is the standard.

I figured as much... sigh.... I actually took pics this time!!!! I'll post them tomorrow.

The other question I had was how to save the labels, IE: 7-up, franks, dairy stuff, etc. I already wiped off some wiping off the dirt... kinda sucks....



The best trick is to find them where there isn't ground contact and moisture. My best ACL and label finds were found in walls. Upstairs, to me, has been the best for finding these. They must have been lazy while building the house and placed trash (bottles) in upstairs walls. I've found coins, marbles, paper money ($120+ in silver certif.), pipes, pictures and many other treasures while looking there.

I've heard of protecting the area before cleaning the rest of the bottle. I have w/ some milks and sodas, gone around, but not near the area w/ moist q-tips. Sometimes it's better to have a dirty label than none at all.

There are bottle forums that may help w/ your questions, better than here, listed on my links page. Check them out at:

I'd love to see the pictures you've taken.

Thanks for the info.... As you can tell I am pretty new to this but enjoying the hell out of it! I just wish I had got to some of the places before "the kids" broke and destroyed most of the good stuff....


know how to clean inside bottles? i have 2 ways.. but lets see if you guys know MARK

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