some pics from Saturday


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Mar 26, 2003
New Jersey....
here are some of the bottles, in various stages of cleaning, that we found on Saturday. Most of the bottles we have found are from 1900 - 1950. Some of them we have dated to around 1875 or so from research on the comapny and when they went out of business, etc...




I made the pics small for speed... I will be putting them up on my "treasure hunting" page when it is done!!!


Looks cool

Looks interesting, How do you know where to look for those? old dump sites? metal detect for the lids?

Reallllllllly simple.... I take old Topo maps of the area, anything in black is prior to (existing) in 1930 or there abouts, and get its lat/long. I just take my GPS and look for something that is either still there, a foundation, or anything to let me know what was there. Knowing general rules comes in handy when trying to pick out where the town "dump" or anything was but we normally find it. Sometimes you get a lot, sometimes just one or two intact, either way we all have fun looking.

After we find the places is when I will break out the detector if needed. I go for the bottles and stuff first before someone else comes along and breaks them. there will always be time to detect......


Hey Chiz and all-
I noticed some dining china in your photos. Keep an eye out for Railroad china. Earlier in the year, I found a Richmond Washington Line butter pat worth BIG bucks (eBay in the fall and has a picture link on my treasure page). Railroad china in general fetches top dollar and is trully treasure.

Ok.... I am starting to research the Railroad china thing..... I do have one saucer that looks like it is from the AC line, but I am having a hard time finding anything online about the "stamps" on the bottoms. Most of my China has an "Indian" theme for the manufacturers stamp, some just letters and numbers, some with the name, etc. I'll let you know what I come up with!!!
Thanks for the info!!!


Hey Chiz,
The link below is about the fastest (for results-replies) and only forum for restaurant china. Also, railroad china collectors check in at this site and are willing to help out with rarity, etc. Top stamped china is better. Railroad china brings better $$$$ and butter pats are very collectible because they are small. This much and more that I've learned at the forum mentioned. Check out this forum when you have identified your finds:

The link below is the question I posted on the pat I found:

Sincerely, 'Meech' (Flaschenjager)

Check out our websites at:

Kool.... thanks for all the info!!! I found a ton of metal butter pats, but tons of the creamer cups too. Gonna have to go and look at all my china now. Most all of it is packed away awaiting my purchase of a new house...


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