What happens when you got spheres on the brain...


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Dec 16, 2010
Byron Center, MI
I have mainly posted a couple sphere pix here now and again, and mainly just browse all the wonderful creative work people do here. I love seeing the cabochons, sculptures and other creations. I love that stuff and its that kind of creativity that got me thinking...

Besides the sphere hobby, I have made a side living composing music to supplement my dead end city job. I license tracks to tv, commercials and aspiring artists primarily. Well, recently I changed gears and hired a iphone app programmer to give life to an idea I had. I would love to hear any feedback, especially from iphone or android app users.

Over the past four months I've been recording the audio and exhausted all of my business savings on an iphone app called "AtmoSpheres". The AtmoSpheres app is a multi-track relaxation and meditation tool. It allows you to blend up to four tracks of sound to build your own customized mix. Each mix can be named and saved for later recall as a customized preset. All sounds were recorded by me, either using synthesis or recording live with two to five microphones per recording. Sounds were then mixed down to stereo. You'd be hard pressed to find an app with better quality sounds. The unique sphere based mixer provides one control for volume, stereo panning, play, pause and delete. Simple. It will be submitted to the IOS app store very soon. It is the first app from my Playgrind Publishing Company.

Youtube video here:

You can see the manual stills here:
The Greatest Sphere App of All Time! | Spheremaker.com

Sphere-blk copy.jpg
Sounds like jazz!

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