what is his on the dime, can anyone tell me?


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Jan 23, 2016
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What extra silver?

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Don't look to hard all coins seen to have some miner error

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I keep wondering why extra gold was fused to this liberty head nickel I found. Did they want it to be worth more :dontknow: Me and that dime we been around the same time. :)


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hi this is a dime that i had. I have been looking at pics of others and was wondering if the extra silver is from a dentist or from the mint...??

WHAT?! There is no extra silver on that, it just has a gouge on the reverse.

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I see a damaged reverse. If, however, you believe you have an error coin, please have it evaluated and authenticated by a competent professional.

I understand you are new at this, so please get the guidebooks that explain the different errors and how they are made. A good loupe, plus a good digital camera with a quality macro lens would also be helpful.

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